"Stephen introduced me to the [Breechtool]. Quite handy in cleaning my Colt 6920. The star chamber hasn’t been this clean since leaving the factory. The various components make scraping carbon a snap. I’m impressed with this handy and versatile tool. Well done!"
- Gatson Via Facebook, Nov 2018
Welcome to the Breechtool stores.
Upgrade your weapons cleaning kit with the best tactical gear on the market. All tried and tested by the Britsh Armed Forces, USMC & Army, Officially supplied to UK Police Firearms Units and some Special Forces operators to say the least.
All items carry a lifetime warranty -That's how confident we are in our equipment being the best. 
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Shipping: We ship internationally with the Royal Mail the next working day to your order.
Trusted: We have not recieved any negative feedback since launch in 2012. If there is any issues with your order, our team have constant access to our website contact forms. Better yet PM us via our Facebook page for instant support.