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"Stephen introduced me to the [Breechtool]. Quite handy in cleaning my Colt 6920. The star chamber hasn’t been this clean since leaving the factory. The various components make scraping carbon a snap. 

I’m impressed with this handy and versatile tool. Well done!
- Gatson Via Facebook, Nov 2018
"[I am a writer for SWAT magazine]. I have had a chance to work with the Breechtool, and have some observations: I like it - works on my personal AR15's, AR180, MP5, 1918A2 BAR, and 1919A4 machineguns for the 'nooks & crannies'. Nothing gets dirty faster than a full auto fired with surplus ammo. I can also see it's usefulness with semi-autos like the French 49/56, Hakim, Rashid etc. where disassembly and reassembly can involve the use of 'harsh language'.  Even some of my bolt guns are cleaner in the locking lug areas of the receiver now
- Seth, Jan 2017
"Excellent bit of kit had mine now for two years used heavily in Afghanistan and BATUS as well as UK exercises." 
- Dave, Sept 2016
"We put down a lot of rounds the other day and the Breechtool™ really helped. Used by all and a big thumbs up." 
- Phil, May 2016
"I would like to thank you for helping me today so quickly. Following your email I once again tried to make an order and to my relief it was successful. I am more than happy to have brought this [website glitch] to your attention and I look forward to receiving what I’m sure is a fantastic product. Thank you again" 
- Email from Lewis, April 2016
"Great Customer service, i hope you all have a great day - you've made mine!"
- email from James Jan, 2016
"I've used this quite a lot now on SA80's,LMG's and GPMG's and found it very useful, the "main tool" which is especially good at cleaning the " monkeys arse " on the SA80. It cut cleaning time and save me from using my NCO finger."
- Posted by Coops on Dec 13th, 2014
"I'm not military but a competition shooter using straight-pull AR15's in National matches. Our guns ore not gas operated so don't get so dirty but the Breech Tool is great for getting into the hard to reach places in an AR receiver, especially the lugs on the barrel extension. Conventional bristle brushes get destroyed very quickly but the BreechTool gets right in the hard to reach corners with the angled brush heads and a patch on the end. Excellent piece of kit and just as useful in .22 semi-auto rifle and LBP receivers which are notoriously difficult to keep clean. It really gets in there. Thoroughly recommended."
- Posted by Steve on Nov 20th, 2014
"I ordered this for my nephew who recently joined the army. I must say customer service is second to none. I can't comment on the breech tool as I won't be the one using it, but all the reviews I have read make me sure it will be a great piece of kit."
-Posted by Sharon on Nov 25th, 2014
"I've just returned from a 2 week assessment in Cyprus where the Breechtool significantly cut my rifle cleaning time and would even remove dirt from colleague's rifles after they had been cleaning them for 15 minutes. The RSM wouldn't let any rifle back into the armoury at the end of the exercise without it being cleaned by the Breechtool....It's a simple yet effective tool and was an awesome addition to my cleaning kit."
- Tim, Candidate of Ex Lion Star, 25 April 2014
"It's not often I am amazed by a tool especially one for cleaning a weapon, as most are useless, break easily or are badly designed, but today I had the pleasure of using your Breechtool. The thing is the nuts. At last something we can actually use to clean our rifle with. And a brush that can get into all the right places." 
-Sgt Campbell, Warthog Group, Camp Bastion, March 29 2014
The second Army Recruit Packs review of the Breechtool can be found here
-ARP, 22 March 2014
The Army Recruit Packs very own review of the Breechtool can be found here
-ARP, 19 Feb 2014
"[The] Breech tool was spot on. Because we are peasents up north i loaned it to a mate who was going on his JNCO cadre. He liked it that much I never got it back, Awesome bit of kit. Got to use it. [It] Was good. The thinking soldier could adapt it for any weapon system."
- W, Jan 16th 2014
"It is an excellent bit of kit, with good variety of uses" 
- LCpl, AGC(RMP), 2013
"Great service! Had the tool delivered to BFPO Germany, used the tool earlier today after rangers, absolutely great little bit of kit! The team sent me some extra heads a good look note for my upcoming deployment in Afghanistan! Absolutely outstanding customer service! Thank you very much!"
- Posted by Daniel O'Keefe on Dec 15th, 2013
"The Breechtool is absolutely brilliant. It saves about half an hour scratching around in the breech and saves your fingers from digging around inside. It only takes a couple of minutes to get the breech clean and the corporals can't figure out how I always manage to get my rifle spotless when they are picking up everyone else. It's a brilliant bit of kit and a few blokes in my platoon are always asking me if they can borrow it during rifle cleaning."
- Rob, final stages of all arms P Coy, Catterick, 2013 
"I've already gone to town on my rifle with it! The chamber brush is awesome! Lifts off so much carbon and dust etc" 
- Rifleman Williams, Rifles, Afghanistan 2013

"The Breechtool has great potential, and some great people behind it" 
- National Innovation Hothouse award, Royal Academy of Engineering 21/09/2012