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The Breechtool™ Mantra - Never Settle For Less

We are commited to developing honest, great value, quality well thought through products and equipment. We evolved the issued firearm cleaning tools into the 21st century by obsessing over how users interact with every platform, firsthand in every environment. Thousands of takedowns and adjustments later, the first award winning Breechtool™ emerged. Today we boast a line of ever-evolving, precision perfecting firearm tools engineered to perform as ultimately, your life could depend on them. 

By selling high quality equipment at affordable costs and providing a quality service we aim to combine the best attributes of a retailer and specialist product provider. We have retailers across the world and also officially supply various units, including Police.

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Introducing The Breechtool™

The Breechtool™ Is The Award Winning Cleaning Solution For Any Weapon System. Used By The Best International Operators. 

Features, Advantages & Benefits Of The Best Cleaning Tool:
The Breechtool™Original consists of three components designed specifically to clean the toughest to get at parts of any weapon system.

Proven through extensive trials, the Breechtool™ reduces cleaning times by 40%, and allows the user to streamline their weapons cleaning kit (WCK) and do away with ineffective tools for the field, reducing weight.

This allows you to have peace of mind that your weapon system / firearm is cleaner than it ever has been before and you to focus on your routine. 

How It Works:
The patented main tool gets flannelette patches into places previously untouched by any other tool on the market. Specifically designed to access the barrel extension chamber, behind the locking lugs, AKA the Breech hence - Breechtool™ (because 'barrel extension tool' doesnt have the same ring to it!).

The main tool can unlodge stubborn carbon and grit by allowing both clockwise and anti-clockwise movement due to not relying on a threaded attachment. 

The replaceable patented Brush head is a unique patented brush that attacks any dirt within the chamber and all over a weapon system from multiple angles. Strong enough to dislodge anything & bounce back time after time, soft enough to use on anything.

The patented Pin Tool eliminates the need to use anything else to poke flannelette or scratch & scrape carbon out of annoying places. Our extensive research showed that the most common solution was the firing pin - a punishable offence. The Pin tool removes any need for this. 

Each Breechtool™ and components are locally sourced, providing Jobs and business to hard working, quality producing people. Every product is then assembled, packed and quality checked by our small team at NHMD Ltd to ensure and oversee the highest possible quality standards and we are so confident and proud of our handy work that each tool comes with a LIFETIME warranty.

The Breechtool™ can work on any weapon system.  Below is an idea as to how versatile the Breechtool™ is.

British Armed forces:
Heckler and Koch SA80 A2
L129A1 7.62 Sharpshooter rifle
5.56 LMG 'minimi'  
General Purpose Machine Gun
Diemaco C8

Combat Shotgun
Side arms and even GMG barrels 

Security/Police/CP Forces:
Hk G36k


American Armed Forces:
M4,M6, M16, M27
Armalite AR-10
Armalite AR-15
Armalite AR-18

Canadian Forces:


Australian Forces:

Steyr AUG

Belt fed 1919A4
12bore and 20bore Shotguns
Air rifles
.22 weapons
Airsoft weapon systems
Pictures sent in from our customers and used from the MOD website in cases where quality images of the weapon systems listed left are unavailable. 
Weapon System Safety

The Breechtool™ Guide To Weapon System Saftey

Firearm safety is important and a part of responsible gun ownership.  

The fundamental British Armed Forces, UK Govenrment and NRA rules for safe weapon system handling are:
Always keep the weapon system pointed in a safe direction
Always keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot
Always keep the weapon system unloaded until ready to use

Be sure to follow these additional NRA rules:
Know your target and what is beyond
Know how to use the weapon system safely
Be sure the weapon system is safe to operate
Use only the correct ammunition for your weapon system
Where eye and ear protection as appropriate
Never use alcohol, over-the-counter drugs or prescription drugs before or while shooting
Store weapon system so they are not accessible to unauthorized persons
Be aware that certain types of weapon system and many shooting activities require additional safety precautions

When it comes to gun cleaning, Breechtool™ stresses the importance of:
Cleaning your firearm every time it is used - not only does this mean fewer stoppages, but higher accuracy. Carbon build up directly affects your accuracy. 
A weapon system brought out of prolonged storage should be cleaned before shooting.  Moisture and dirt, or solidified grease/oils can prevent the weapon system from operating properly.
Before cleaning your weapon system, make absolutely sure it is unloaded.  Keep the action open during the cleaning process.  Be sure no ammunition is present in the cleaning area.

Ops Room

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Loads of our end users send us pictures on a daily basis of wat theyre up to and what they have used the Breechtool™ and our equipment on have a gander. 

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Videos of the Breechtool™ and some videos we have been watching in the office - Sharing is caring - If you have any send them in! 
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  4. Quick tips on using the brush heads
    How to use the most effective brush heads for weapon cleaning.
  5. British Forces CQM
    The Breechtool™ works with all weapons in this CQM drill shown
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