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The Breechtool™ is proudly made in Sheffield with the majority of components sourced from the surrounding area. It is a product of NHMD Ltd and has been designed directly with the end user:

Soldiers of the British Army & Navy, US Rangers, USMC, Royal Marines, Special forces, private security firms UK Police Firearms Units and other firearms users. Across multiple calibres from 5.56mm to .50 cals.

In order for you to see how much we care about feedback and your comments please feel free to see our reviews page and leave feedback if you have any.

NHMD Ltd Is the company behind the Breechtool.  We constantly work with and learn from the end user - YOU. NHMD's priority is your satisfaction. To remind ourselves of this, its in our name: No Half Measures Design, reminding us to push further in order to provide the right solution to your problem.

Thank you for reading and we hope you enjoy our products!

Pierre 'Jonny' Otter. - Director of NHMD Ltd

And all the team and support staff at Breechtool & NHMD Ltd

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Here you can find quick answers to our most frequently asked questions.  If you still can't find what you are looking for then please feel free to get in touch at [email protected]

Could The Breechtool damage my weapon system?
-  The Breechtool is entirely made from high quality 304 Stainless steel (SS) for many reasons to list. We have had some potential customers understanably under the impression that The Breechtool could damage their weapon system and that brass or mild steel is a better option for the main tool.

- Without going into too much detail 340 SS was chosen because: Although brass is softer than 304 it is also heavier and more expensive. Mild steel has greater malleability and proneness to rust, even when coated in black oxide. When we trialed brass tools, because it is so soft we found brass was being deposited in the chamber after prolonged use - this is clearly not good. 

- Rest Assured 304 SS is also half the Vickers hardness of the material used for the barrel and barrel extension of the majority of weapon systems. This means that the Breechtool will not and has never damaged a weapon system since conception in 2009. A technical report and critical justification backed by the University of Northumbria's School of Computing Engineering and Information Sciences and over four years of R&D with the Soldiers, Armourers and the SASC of the British Army has proved that no stone has been unturned in the Breechtool's development and NHMD Ltd's commitment to supply its customers only the best products. 

- Note to Armourers:
The Breechtool has been developed directly with Soldiers, Armourers and the SASC of the British Army in conjunction with the University of Northumbria's School of Computing Engineering and Information Sciences since 2009. This means that we have ensured that the Breechtool will never damage a weapon system.

We are also official suppliers to the UK Police Firearms Units And have supplied bulk orders directly to multiple head armourers regiments withing both the US and British Forces. 

Why is the Breechtool not tactical black?
-  The Breechtool has not been coated with black oxide due to a many number of reasons, primarily because: 
1) If you dropped your black oxide coated Breechtool in the dark there is a greater chance you would loose it
2) 9/10 you would not be in a fully tactical situation performing a weapon clean

- If you desperatley want a Breechtool in tactical black please get in touch, we can produce one however it will take time and cost more than our standard tool. Because we do appreciate - Allyness saves lives. 

My brush heads keep getting clogged up
-  The brush heads are designed to catch maximum dirt and debris but occasionally they will become fully saturated.  To de-clog the bristles DO NOT clean them with organic solvents (petrol etc).  Instead rinse them in warm water with a mild detergent before wiping them clean with a cloth.

- 9/10 this restores them to first use! 

My brush heads loose their rigidity after a while
-  The brush heads will wear out eventually.  Whilst each brush head is designed to last at least a week of intensive use, to prolong their lifespan and increase their rigidity simply trim the length of the bristles by a mm.

My tool has become loose
-  Although this is rare, it can happen.  Should this be the case, please contact us at NHMD Ltd and we will endeavour to repair or replace your tool as soon as possible under our lifetime warranty
My brush head does not fit the brush tool properly
-  Please check you are putting the head on the correct tool part. Some users have forced the head on to the main tool which affects the fit and decreases the life of the head. 

-  If the head is used on the correct part of the tool and still does not fit properly this is a sign the head needs replacing.  If you feel there is plenty of life still left in the brush head please feel free to contact NHMD Ltd and we will endeavour to fix the issue for you.

I have an issue with my tool and I am not sure if it is covered under the now Lifetime warranty
-  Please check out our warranty section on this page and if you still aren't sure please contact us 

How do I enter my BFPO or APO address into the Paypal Delivery field?
-  Please refer to our shipping and payment guide 

Do I have to become a Paypal member to pay for my Breechtool™?
-  The checkout allows you to choose your preferred payment method; Paypal or a secure checkout for non Paypal members.  For more information please refer to our shipping and payment guide 

Where can I get replacement brush heads for my Breechtool™? [Posted by Eric Campbell on Aug 4th, 2015]
-  You can order replacement brush heafds from the website on the Order page here.

Can I buy the Breechtool™ else where? 
-  Yes you can we have great distiubutors working with us: 
Recruit packs - www.recruitpacks.com
Odin tactical - www.odintactical.co.uk
AW Tactical - www.awtactical.co.uk
​Cadet Direct - www.cadetdirect.com

NHMD Ltd is committed to providing high-quality solutions to make your every day a little easier.  On this page you will find information about our new Lifetime warranty which comes with every tool purchased. 
Returns Information

"We at NHMD are so confident that we have taken the correct measures to ensure your Breechtool™ will last. So confident - we have uprgaded all tools purchased from a 2 year guarantee to a LIFETIME guarantee. Where we will gladly repair or replace it at our discretion."
[Jonny Otter - Founder of NHMD Ltd]
This warranty does not cover abuse, alteration, theft, loss or unauthorised and/or unreasonable use of your Breechtool™. Nor does this warranty does not cover the brush heads, except in the exceptional circumstance of failure.  Brush head replacement will only be granted on receipt of a full explanation and contact with the NHMD Ltd support team.  

NHMD Ltd is not liable for incidental or consequential damages.  Some jurisdictions do not allow the exclusion of limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the aforementioned exclusion may not apply.  

This warranty gives the purchaser specific legal rights which may be combined with other rights dependent on jurisdiction.

Beginning the warranty process and returning your Breechtool™
To start the ball rolling, please send us an email right away with the issue, pictures and anyother supporting information. To ease the process be prepared to then follow the next steps:

Unfortunately we cannot be responsible for tools that never reach us.  Please be sure to send your warranty repair via an insured, trackable service where delivery confirmation can be obtained if necessary. Please ensure the following information is included in the returned package:

1) Your name
2) Your phone number
3) Return address
4) A brief description of the problem

The inclusion of this information will allow us to document the issues and monitor the performance of the Breechtool™ so that improvements can be made where necessary. 

Please do not ship us your brush heads unless instructed.
Return Address:


70 Clarkehouse Road
S10 2LJ

We do the rest!

More Information:

If you have any questions or need any additional information please feel free to contact us on [email protected]
Checkout and BFPO entry
Please highlight the BFPO clearly in the shipping details. 

Shipping Details
NHMD Ltd uses the Royal Mail and the BFPO service.
For items that have P&P on top, this charge includes processing costs and postage. 
Any order over OpsPack is free postage and packaging.

Evey order is sent 2nd class delivery, which typically takes 2/4 days to arrive.

Your order is dropped off at 0900 at the post office on the working day closest to your order being placed. E.g a Breechtool ordered on a Saturday at 1200 will be shipped on monday morning 0900, and will usually be with you on the Tuesday, or Wednesday (typically at the latest).

Ops pack orders are free P&P.

Delivery to BFPO addresses can take from 1 week to 4 weeks and APOs can be even longer as they enter the US Postal Service and are routed via New York ( APO and BFPO shipping is at your own risk as we cannot track due to the US system ).

The weight limit for BFPOs is now 2.5 Kg (2 x 90g Ops pack or Tool Pack) and APO shippments is 2.0 Kg (2 x 90g Ops pack or Tool pack) per individual parcel.

If your order is above these limits (over 2 x Ops pack or Tool pack) we will divide it up into numerous parcels, please be aware that although these are shipped from us at the same time they might not arrive together on the same day.

However we will inform you how many packages there are.

We ship Internationally using the service provided by the Royal Mail. If you require any special service, please contact us on for a quote.

The Breechtool™ arose after discovering a common problem when cleaning the breech of British rifle, the L86 SA80 A2.

After obtaining feedback from Regular, TA and Ret. soldiers ranging from Privates to Major Generals within the British Armed Forces over a period of four years, a significant inefficiency was found in the cleaning process for the barrel extension chamber, or more commonly known as the breech chamber.

The standard issue brush currently used for this purpose is made with steel bristles limited to clockwise rotation.  This results in the flattening of the bristles after approximately three uses prompting every user to adopt different, inventive methods to clean the breech.

Research identified the use of the little finger combined with the firing pin from the rifle as the most common solutions to cleaning these difficult parts; a practice which can be punishable in some regiments.  Two top armorers were also consulted, confirming findings.  Further research into existing solutions found a lack of consistency, efficiency and even damage caused to the rifles. 

With rifle cleaning being a daily procedure when on tour and exercise, and the breech being the most time consuming part to clean, it was immediately clear there was a need for a suitable and efficient appliance to aid the cleaning process. 

To solve this problem it has taken over four years of research as part of a final year project for Design Engineering at Northumbria Univeristy (Newcastle UK) and the creation and testing of over 40 concepts and 25 prototypes exploring different shapes, techniques and materials, all of which were tested extensively both in the lab and in the field.  

For the final design, 10 working products were taken to Sennelager, Germany for use during a month-long exercise in 2012.  

Product feedback was extremely positive with over 200 soldiers from a wide range of regiments requesting Breechtools following the exercise.

The final design, consisting of three different components (the main tool, the firing pin substitute and the brush head) allows soldiers to use the tool all over the rifle, not limiting use to the breech.  

As a result, average cleaning times (tested on over 600 personnel) decreased from 20 minutes to 12, a reduction of 40%. 

Furthermore, using the Breechtool with only the standard issue combination tool and a bore snake, soldiers can complete a full rifle clean in the field, excluding the need for additional kit thus reducing kit weight by at least 120g. 

The SASC (Small Arms School Corps) followed the development of the tool and asked for the it to be tested in their armory where the tool was proven to work on five additional rifle models; The LMG, The Sharpshooter, The AK 47, M4 and M16.  Following commendation by the SASC, further market research conducted in Germany also confirmed the Breechtool to be a simple, yet effective solution to some of the universal problems of rifle cleaning. 

At launch, over 1000 soldiers of all ranks (representing almost 1% of the primary user of the SA80 A2) had been involved in the tool's development.  

It is an exciting product meeting and solving an immediate, poorly addressed problem. 
We look forward to continued work with soldiers as the Breechtool carries on developing and expanding.
The Breechtool™ is now being used across NATO by over 2,500 personnel, and by private weapon system owners. It has now become a registered trademark as well as reaching the worldwide patent application stage. 

Our online community has risen to 3,800 and is constanly growing thanks to our PR manager Joanna. 

Thank you for reading and for your interest in Breechtool™. 

Thank You
The Breech-tool would be nothing without the very kind people and characters involved who gave up plenty of their time towards the development of the tool during all the stages.

On this page is a brief thank you to the main people who gave and are still giving up their time, providing feedback, testing, production, publicity, design and development. 

All those in the British Armed forces, Regular, TA, Other Militaries, Security and CP, to name a few below (in no particular order):
W02 Symes
BSM Butler
CSM Leister
SSM Jones
SSM Dougal
Sgt Maj Talbot
Sgt Maj Crowe 
RSM Mitchinson 
Cpt. Gamble
Lt Col. Wright 
Cpt. Cochlan
RQMS O'Driscoll 
Sgt Maher
Maj (ret.) Franklin

All those at the Sennelager SASC
All the Armourers who gave up their time to give Feedback and aid development of the tool.

Also a big thanks to the following who have also had major involvement:
Miss J Sweeney our head of Pr
Lt. Thompson
Mr J. Johnston
Mr J. Moncrieff
Miss G. Garlington
Cpt. Wade
Tpr. Barton
Mr James Otter
Mr FJ Otter
Mr D. Graham
Mrs Vaughan
Mr Cameron
Mr G. Harris 
Mr D. Harris
Mr H. Jenkins
Mr P. Hackney
Mr Beeby

Paul Stuart
The Royal Academy Of Engineering
Northumbria Univertisy

Some have requested not to be named. If you feel like you should be on/or off the list,
please email [email protected]