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The Breechtool™ Mantra - Never Settle For Less

We are commited to developing honest, great value, quality well thought through products and equipment.

By selling high quality equipment at affordable costs and providing a quality service we aim to combine the best attributes of a retailer and specialist product provider.

We have retailers across the UK and also supply various units with bulk orders. Get in touch to find out more.

Ops Room

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  1. Breechtool™ Brush heads
    Breechtool™ Brush heads
  2. Apparel
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  1. What to expect when ordering a Breechtool™
    Jonny talks you through unpacking your order.
  2. Introducing the main tool and pin tool
    In this brief video, Jonny explains how the Main tool and pin tool work.
  3. Don't be that guy
    We have all been through this, the Breechtool™ stops it happening again. Dont have a gopping weapon system.
  4. Quick tips on using the brush heads
    How to use the most effective brush heads for weapon cleaning.
  5. British Forces CQM
    The Breechtool™ works with all weapons in this CQM drill shown
British Armed forces:
Heckler and Koch SA80 A2
L129A1 7.62 Sharpshooter rifle
5.56 LMG 'minimi'  
General Purpose Machine Gun
Diemaco C8
Side arms and even GMG barrels 

Security/Police/CP Forces:
Hk G36k

American Armed Forces:
Armalite AR-18
Armalite AR-15

Canadian Forces:


Australian Forces:

Steyr AUG
  1. Canadian Forces CA
    Canadian Forces CA
  2. Australian AUG
    Australian AUG
  3. GPMG